We work with leading exhibition organisers and suppliers…

And some times directly with exhibitors!

We have delivered some of the most progressive and well-received exhibitor content in recent years. It has delivered big for exhibitors and organisers…

Face-to-face events

Exhibitor Events

Jim was the mastermind behind the Exhibitor Masterclass which is an initiative by the industry association to educate businesses about exhibiting.

It was the biggest event of its kind and pulled in more than 500 delegates.

Check out the video here

Exhibiting and learning

Event Guides

Jim has written some of the most used and well known exhibitor guides in the industry.

We always like to put fresh ideas on old formats. That’s how we came up with guides like Last Minute Guide and Exhibiting for Hot Shots.

Modern education

Webinars and Videos

In recent months we’ve delivered some pretty kick ass videos and webinars to help exhibitors turbo charge their ROI.

We like the webinars where you can interact with the audience and speak to them before and after!

Exhibiting and digital

Social Media

A lot of organisers are asking us to help them educate their exhibitors to smash their exhibiting performance through digital activity.

In a first for the UK market, we released our ‘Exhibitions and Twitter’ report which gave some great insight.

We also work on a 1-2-1 basis with exhibitors directly to unlock exhibition success and deliver secure and stunning ROI. Mail us for our services.

About us

“We are passionate about exhibitions but we are even more passionate about exhibitors.

“We are smart, clever, experienced and we get stuff done.”

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