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The Theory of Exhibiting

This one is for the exhibition organisers in my network!

Last weekend I watched a rather brilliant film called The Theory of Everything which is a big screen biography of theoretical physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking.

I have put a link to the trailer at the bottom of the blog –it’s a must see!

The film and story got me on quite a few levels.

Firstly, Eddie Redmanye as Stephen Hawking was bloody brilliant. As were the supporting actors Felicity Jones and Charlie Cox.

Secondly, the fantastic cast was supported by top-rate directing and production.

Thirdly, I like the story of Stephen Hawking… He’s a funny, gritty sod and it turns out he knows a thing or two.

In one part of the film Hawking explains to his future wife what he is studying at Cambridge and he said simply and without a hint of arrogance;

I’m trying to find the ultimate formula which explains the universe.

Essentially, The Theory of Everything.

Now I’m out of my depth when it comes to black holes, electromagnetic radiation and quantum field theory.

Like… seriously out of my depth.

Even with the help of Wikipedia that sentence has given me brain ache.

But when it comes to exhibitions, it’s a different story.

I think I could give Hawking an argument.

The ultimate formula for exhibitions is really, really simple. It begins and ends with the exhibitor.

All exhibitions, at any point in the spacetime continuum, will face a challenge. It might be:

  • Gross or net square meterage
  • Income per sq m/ft
  • Show turnover and cost of sales
  • Sales team efficiency
  • Exhibitor retention
  • Exhibitor churn
  • Communications effectiveness
  • Visitor conversion
  • Visitor dwell time
  • Cost per visitor acquisition
  • Conference and seminar content generation

That was just a sample list off the top of my head. There are many, many others.

In all instances though, in my opinion, the exhibitor holds the key to the challenge.

Or rather the engaged exhibitor.

If organisers can increase the engagement of exhibitors it impacts on their performance and ultimately the performance of the exhibition – even when the challenge is visitor focused.

Here’s an example…

Registration company N200 have a bit of kit called the Partner Portal which allows the exhibitor to invite prospects to the exhibition. They have recored that events deploying this bit of software for the engaged exhibitor saw an average increase of 10-12% on pre-registered attendees.

Exhibitors boosting visitor levels – in your face Hawking.


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