There are a few exhibitions that pique my interest and on the whole they tend to be exhibitions that are either in high growth sectors or have high performing exhibitor bases.

So… the Tarsus owned 3D Print Show interests me, as does, amongst others…

  • The Wearable Technology Show (Evolve Media Group)
  • The Photography Show (Future Events)
  • Body Power Expo (Body Power TV)
  • BETT (i2i Events Group)

There is one more show that can be added to that list although it has yet to take place. It is the forthcoming Legends of Gaming which lands in Ally Pally in September 2015.

Fresh off their MBO, Upper Street Events has joined forces with media house Endemol to develop the new gaming event format and as an outsider, I like it, I like it a lot.

The reason? It has a different launch approach.

Normally launch events tend to seek approval and endorsement from dusty old associations as well as a few sector specific media titles and sites.

But the Legends event has, in a very sensible manner, aligned themselves with a key gamer/youtuber persona called Ali A.

Yep. I hadn’t heard of him either.

Turns out he’s a big deal. A very big deal.

He’s from the UK. His YouTube channel has 5.4 MILLION subscribers and his videos exceed 1 BILLION views.

I’ll say that again so those figures can sink in.

His YouTube channel has 5.4 MILLION subscribers and his videos exceed 1 BILLION views.

Looking at his channel he averages 500,000 views per video.

His announcement that he is involved with the Legends concept has received a pretty standard 320,000+ views to date.

That sort of number would even have non-smoking organisers reaching for a fat Cuban cigar.

Apparently though he’s not even the biggest gamer in the UK. There’s a gamer dude in Brighton called PewDiePie who has 25 MILLION YouTube subscribers!

This new online/social/digital event launch really interests me and I am sure that it is something that we will see with more regularity in the next few years.

The question is whether new events following this format can convert a massive digital following into paying punters.

I think they will but bear in mind that the key audience for this event will be a generation of cord cutters.

The second reason why Legends has caught my curiosity is from an Exhibitor Smarts angle.

The combination of the high growth gaming sector and its subsequent visitor/audience demographic, I think, has the potential for new exhibiting formats, requirements and activity.

And it could be really exciting.

Innovation comes from all around and there is no reason why this show couldn’t be the one where new exhibiting trends and revenue streams start.

It just depends whether the organisers have adopted the standard SQM thinking to this new exhibitor base or are looking at a new, modern, creative solutions.

Watch this space.

Jim heads up Exhibitor Smarts, which is a newly created specialist agency working alongside organisers, venues and suppliers to ensure that exhibitors engage, grow and return.

If you want anymore information about the type of work Exhibitor Smarts does you can visit our website at

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