In the UK there are more than 700 twitter accounts dedicated to the 800+ exhibitions that take place on these shores every year.

It is clear that organisers are serious about social – and that’s what we all talk about, right? Amplifying our exhibitions in the digital space.

We decided to look at the big hitters, the social chatters and the organised twitter maestros of the exhibition twitter leagues.

As an industry we are a little way off from the scaling the twitter heights of the Beliebers and Directioners – but who wants that headache?

The exhibition twitter leagues below are just a little example of the insight developed by Exhibitor Smarts into the future of the exhibition industry. We track all the UK exhibitions and look at modern age metrics.

There are way more metrics and a shedload more insight – these are just the ones we give out for free!

Most Popular Consumer Exhibitions (By Most Followers)

  1. BBC Good Food Series, River Street Events (@BBCGoodFoodShow)
  2. Body Power Expo, Body Power Limited (@BodyPowerExpo)
  3. Clothes Show, Haymarket Exhibitions (@ClothesShow)
  4. MCM Comic Con, MCM Central (@MCMComicCon)
  5. EGX, Gamer Events Ltd (@egx)

Comment: Like it or not, size does matter and with that comes popular exhibitions – old and new. Refreshing to see the next-gens up there right?

Most Popular Trade Shows (By Most Followers)

  1. 100% Design, Media 10 (@designlondon)
  2. World Travel Market, Reed Exhibitions (@WTM_London)
  3. The London Book Fair, Reed Exhibitions (@LondonBookFair)
  4. New Designers, Upper Street Events (@NewDesigners)
  5. Decorex International, UBM EMEA (@Decorex_Intl)

Comment: See a theme? Designers are big on twitter and the organisers in this list have a captive digital audience 365.

Busiest Trade Shows (By Total Tweets)

  1. The Business Show, Prysm Group (@thebusinessshow)
  2. Bett Show, i2i Events Group (@Bett_Show)
  3. Spring and Autumn Fair, i2i Events Group (@SpringAutFair)
  4. Decorex International, UBM EMEA (@Decorex_Intl)
  5. Professional Beauty, Trades Exhibitions (@pro_beauty)

Comment: These guys, like to tweet….like, a lot. Engagement way beyond the show hours – definitely. You won’t see these accounts collecting dust a month after the show

Busiest Consumer Exhibitions (By Total Tweets)

  1. MCM Comic Con, MCM Central (@MCMComicCon)
  2. Clothes Show, BBC Haymarket Exhibitions (@ClothesShow)
  3. BBC Good Food Series, River Street Events (@BBCGoodFoodShow)
  4. Cake and Bake Show, Media 10 (@CakeandBakeShow)
  5. London Film and Comic Con, ShowMasters (@showmasters)

Comment: Again, busy tweeters although a lot of these accounts are used on multiple shows. Only the Clothes Show is a dedicated single show.

Most Likeable Exhibition Accounts (By Most Likes)

  1. Bella Vita Expo, Quiris Media (@BellavitaExpo)
  2. The Business Show, Prysm Group (@thebusinessshow)
  3. Body Power Expo, Body Power Limited (@BodyPowerExpo)
  4. AutoSport Show, Haymarket Exhibitions (@autosport_show)
  5. SFN Expo, SFN Expos Ltd (@SFNExpo)

Comment: WTF. Bella Vita like a lot of stuff. That aside, likes are a great way to passively engage without affecting your timeline – a bit like laughing at a terrible joke, but not too loudly.

Exhibition Rising Stars (Registered in the last 24 months and based on followers gained per day)

  1. Legends of Gaming, Endemol UK (@logtournament)
  2. B2B Marketing Expo, Prysm Group (@B2BMarketingUK)
  3. The London Motor Show, LMS Ltd (@londonmotorshow)
  4. UK Drone Show, Good to Have Services Ltd. (@ukdroneshow)
  5. Bella Vita Expo, Quiris Media (@BellavitaExpo)

Comment: I’ve had to remove a couple of accounts on this one – but it doesn’t detract from the featured shows. A mixed bag of successful launches, yet to happen and one facing a difficult second album. Whatever their offline outcomes – they generate online audiences – which can’t be a bad thing.

Most Organised Exhibition (Based on Most Public Lists)

  1. Farm Shop and Deli Show, William Reed Business Media (@FarmShop_Deli)
  2. Caravan And Motorhome Show, Clarion Events (@CaravanShow)
  3. Spring and Autumn Fairs, i2i Events Group (@SpringAutFair)
  4. BVE, i2i Events Group (@BVExpo)
  5. Caffe Culture, Upper Street Events (@Caffe_Culture)

Comment: So here’s a thing. Lists are a great way of organising your twitter account and helps with targeting different segments.


So that’s it…The Exhibition Twitter Leagues…Interested in where your shows sits in comparison to the industry??


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