Exhibitors face a battle to make their exhibition activity and stands more effective than ever before.

Step forward technology and specifically apps, but wait…

With more than 1.5 million apps on popular stores (plus a few more being pushed by the exhibition organiser) it can be a headache figuring out what you should download for exhibiting success and timesaving greatness!

We are frequently asked ‘what apps are the best for exhibiting?’ and ‘what are the top apps to make exhibitions easier?’

Well strap yourselves in… because Exhibitor Smarts has pulled together a list of the twelve best apps exhibitors should be using or considering next time they hit the exhibition floor.

This downloadable pdf and the notes below are the definitive list to exhibiting apps!


1. WhatsApp

The ultimate app for communicating with your exhibiting team onsite. Set up a chat group with all the relevant people and be ruthlessly efficient in your exhibiting organisation.

2. Evernote

Great for capturing conversations,meetings ideas, photos and discussions on the exhibition floor. This is a really handy app to have when you are working the stand and if you get the premium version you can take advantage of the business card scanner as well.

3. When I Work

This app helps you schedule your exhibition stand staff rotas with effortless ease. Forget excel spreadsheets and constantly sending new versions. This app automatically notifies people of changes to roles, responsibilities, hours and tasks on the floor.

4. iZettle

If you are exhibiting at a consumer show and/or you want to take sales at your exhibition stand this app allows your phone to take credit/debit card payments, contactless payments and Apple Pay. When you register you get a free card reader and it also synchs to other ordering and invoicing software.

5. CamCard

This app is a free download app allows exhibitors to take photos of business cards. The technology automatically scans the photo for text and updates all the details to contact/address books. This is one app that will definitely save exhibitors time.

6. Google Drive

Even as fanboys of Apple – we are big advocates of Google Drive. Don’t believe the hype of other online storage provides – Google Drive is the business. Massive online storage and completely free. Save paper and drop your all your company brochures presentations and case studies in one place. Team members can upload, update and add documents – the best online storage app for exhibitors.

7. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey allow exhibitors to create and publish online surveys in minutes. It is a largely free survey/questionnaire bit of software that exhibitors can use to poll viistors for opinion on sector trends, new products or recent news. It’s a nice app to have in slow times and at the very least you can use it as a way to snag and qualify exhibition leads.

8. MailChimp

MailChimp is a way for exhibitors to send better email by managing contacts, sending emails and tracking results. Exhibitors shouldn’t wait weeks to follow up on valuable leads. Upload lists on the show floor and start emailing pre-prepared email templates on the same day. Better still have some automated email rules ready to go.


OK, that’s eight apps that would help you at exhibitions. Here are four that you probably already have – but be smart in how you use them…

9. Instagram

Instagram is brilliant for photos and videos and what’s even better it helps save you time when it comes to social media. Use Instagram as your main visual app and make sure that posts are automatically linked to your other accounts (like Twitter).

10. Twitter

Use Twitter as a way to monitor the social chats and conversations surrounding an exhibition. Track hashtags, engage with other exhibition visitors and exhibitors. And be polite.

11. LinkedIn

This app will be your primary social channel if you are doing trade shows or B2B exhibitions. A lot of people focus purely on profiles but there is a lot of networking within the groups and companies sections. Be sure to connect with new connections.

12. Facebook

Facebook is the most downloaded and used app in the world and if you are doing consumer shows – one you need to use. There will be plenty of support if you have great products and brands so makes sure you reward and connect with consumers who like you!


Download the twelve apps for smart exhibitors one-pager.

If you have any suggestions about apps which didn’t make our list and you think exhibitors should be using – drop them in the comments box below!


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